Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy One Month Brodie! (4w3d)

My son, Brodie Cole, is already one month old today!!! I can't believe how fast time has gone by during this first month and know I am going to be saying this for the rest of my life as he grows up before my eyes.

Brodie is growing up a storm, and is more fun to be around every day. He stays awake for much longer periods (sometimes for the entire time in between feedings now) and also has days where he sleeps for a long period. Last night, he slept from 10pm until 4am. This was nice for me, because I got a 4 hour stretch of sleep.

Brodie is exclusively breastfeeding, and looooooves the boob. He gets excited when I whip it out, and eagerly sucks on it to the point of over-stuffing himself. He spits up 3-5 times after every feeding, sometimes before he falls asleep and sometimes a few hours later when he wakes up. Not just a little bit of spit up either, I'm talking a large amount that leads me to think he isn't getting any milk at all. But, I know he is because he gained a pound in the two weeks between his ped. appts.

Brodie makes the cutest faces and expressions, and does the "smiles" that indicate he has gas or something so many times every day that it is hard for me to think they aren't directed at me. I know he can't smile smile until 6-8 weeks but I like to imagine he can.

Brodie is obsessed with sucking on things. He will suck on his hands, his arms, my fingers, my arm, my cheeks, my chin, and his pacifier. Often times he will be fussing (the very little bit that he does fuss) and we narrow it down to just wanting to suck on something.

Brodie likes to stretch like his daddy, and Nick sings him lots of songs. He is SUCH a great dad!

I love my little man and can't imagine life without him now. I am looking forward to seeing him grow and develop in the next month and see what changes between now and then.

I love you Brodie Cole! You have come into a very loving family, I hope you feel loved.


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ⒿⒶⓃⓔⓉ said...

such a good mommy! don't worry about the spit up, some babies are like that. my cousin didn't keep anything down and he was a chunker. don't know how it is possible, they take what they need out of your milk and give the rest back =)

I love you, it is so great to see how much you are enjoying your mommy & daddy rolls.