Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Miss Selah Desirae

Yesterday 2 of my preggo mama friends gave birth. Yes, that's right. They gave birth on the same day! One of my best friends, Heather, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Selah Desirae. I will save all the stats and details for her to post on her blog. Anyway, they came home today and I was able to stop by for a few hours to meet her and visit with Heather.

This was also the day that my Brodie and her Selah, "cousins" born exactly 1 month apart got to meet. They were bumped together while in our bellies many times, and Selah had kicked Brodie while Heather held him on her chest while still preggo. They seemed to enjoy each others company and cooperated for a picture.

Selah is dang cute, with bigggggg chubby cheeks and a very round head. She seems so small compared to Brodie, but really isn't that much smaller weight/length wise. It's nuts how much more alert Brodie is than her after just a month.

I can't wait for Brodie and Selah to play together and grow up side by side! I love having so many friends giving birth in the next few makes for an instant play group and lots of potential girlfriends for Brodie when he gets old enough.


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