Thursday, November 11, 2010

Brodie's first laugh! (5w5d)

Today I was at my mom's house and had finished up working. My dad was in her office holding a very happy Brodie and I suggested he play with his toy. Brodie has this little jingle lion toy that he likes to hit in his box at my mom's office and I had been pretending to kiss him with it earlier which produced big smiles.

So, while my dad was holding him I jingled the lion and had it "kiss" Brodie 4-5 times before pulling it away. Brodie did a HUGE smile and then that adorable baby laugh that sounds like they are gasping and chuckling. I was SOOO surprised because I didn't think he could socially smile or laugh this young. Maybe my child is just doing these things a little earlier? There is no doubt in my (or Nick's or my parent's) mind that he is smiling at specific sounds or circumstances now instead of just gas. I don't mind the social smiles/laughing at all...makes me sooooooooooo happy to see him reacting more to us!

Here is a picture I snapped right after the laugh. He is dang cute isn't he?


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heidi said...

social smiles and laughs depend, i think, on the personality of your child. tristan was super sensitive as a baby and didn't laugh till around 8 weeks, while samuel is a social little thing and started smiling for real right around 5 weeks and laughing soon after. i LOVE that smiles are the first big milestone, they're just the best :)