Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beach weekend with the family (2009 edition)

This past weekend Nick and I went to the beach with my family for 2 nights.  We had a lot of fun vegging and sitting in front of a fire.  We were literally 2 blocks from the beach and took a nice long walk the second day we were there.  I love getting away from Ramona for a weekend and escaping to the tranquility of the beach.

Sardine Sandwich of love on the bed lol

Totally random picture that we didn't realize had happened until later on... pretty epic tho

Heidi doing a cartwheel on the beach

Hannah and Heidi Jumping for Joy

Sisters walking on the beach

Nick surveying the beauty

After several attempts (mostly my fault) we finally all got in the air!

Heidi chasing seagulls lol

Stealing a kiss on the beach

The view from our room!  Isn't it gorgeous!!!?!?!?!


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