Sunday, October 11, 2009

My 21st Birthday, Part 1 :o)

My 21st birthday was on July 14th, and I had such fun!  On my actual birthday I went to work and my mom had hung up the happy birthday sign and gotten me a "Happy Birthday Princess" balloon.  That made work fun and it went by really quick.  Then, I came home (Nick was in Riverside so I was killing time until he got there) and skyped my grandma so I could open my present from her in front of her.  Hannah came over right when I got online and brought me a slurpee! YUM!  After Hannah left and I finished my conversation with my grandma, I decided to leave and go to my friend's Melissa and Jessica house.  Melissa said she would make me dinner and boy did she!  I hung out, drank coffee, and talked for a few hours before nick got there and my sis-in-law joined us.  Melissa made a lemon pepper chicken, wagon wheel noodle with cream sauce dish.  It was AWESOME!  That was accompanied with garlic bread and salad with all the fixin's.  After dinner I opened gifts (which were unexpected) and was very stoked.  I got an orchid (which I am not sure is still alive) and margarita glasses (6) which we used that night.  I also got 50 bucks from Sarah, a candle from melissa, and flowers/chocolate from Nick. :o)  I am such a lucky girl!

Then, we played bogee for a while while Josh watched TV.  Cake came next, followed by Nick sleeping and us playing a bit more bogee.  All of the card time involved strawberry margaritas.  We came home after bogee and ther water was off so we just went to bed.

The fun didn't stop on my birthday night.  The next night we hung out with ryan and jessica at our house.  We ended up seeing them in the store and they said they would come over later.    They got here at about 9:15pm and that's when the fun began. 

YEAH BABY!!! 21!!!!!!!!! :o)

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