Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rei De Gado

For my dad and mom's birthday (this shows how much of a loser kid I am, since my dad's birthday is in November and my mom's is in April and we didn't go until July) Nick and I took them out to Rei De Gado for dinner in downtown San Diego.  It is basically a Brazilian BBQ place where you get unlimited meat; something like 16 different kinds are available!  It is a very expensive place (44 bucks a piece) but we made it worthwhile by stuffing ourselves to the brim! 

Here is my dad flipping over the indicator stick to say we want meat to keep on a coming!

And here is the padre eating some delicious fillet Mignon wrapped in bacon (we got like 4 helpings of that!)

And here is the SEXY Brazilian waiter who brought us pounds and pounds of meat!

It just happened to be my mom and dad's anniversary that day as well, so we got a complimentary dessert that we all shared!  My dad was in heaven (as was I) because we are both HUGE carnivores!

Awww...Mom and Dad with their anniversary dessert! :o)  It was their 26th anniversary!

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