Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Worry Stone

Several years ago while on vacation with my family (I believe to somewhere in Arizona or maybe Lake Arrowhead) we stopped into a little gift shop on a day of perusing around town.  Something that caught my eye was a box full of smooth polished stones that were oval in shape and natural colors.  I asked the shop owner what the stones were because I had never seen them before.  He informed me that they were worry stones, something to comfort you and soothe your mind when you are stressed and uptight.  The concept interested me and since the stones were 2/5 dollars I bought a pair.*

My sister took one since she lost hers immediately after buying it and I stowed the other one away in my desk when we got home.  To be honest, I had completely forgotten about my little worry stone until a few months ago when looking for something in my old desk at my parents house.  I found the worry stone again and moved it to my office desk, thinking I would remember to take it home.  Well, I forgot to take it from there as well- until Tuesday that is.  On Tuesday I FINALLY brought it home to my house and set it on my coffee table.  I have found myself picking it up repeatedly throughout the day, while reading an article online, reading a textbook, watching TV, or talking to Nick.  I am amazingly surprised at how calming it is to rub the little stone.  It calms me, keeps me grounded in what I am doing, and keeps my hands busy on something safe and comforting.

I plan to continue to use this stone for a long time (or until I wear through it with my rubbing) and have it be a positive coping technique for stressful times.  I need more of those in my life.  Have any of you heard of worry stones?  If so, what do you think of them?  Would you ever use one?

*It should be noted that I don't believe worry stones are magical or spiritual or anything.  I just use it as an object to calm my nerves...a smooth rock :o)


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