Monday, August 4, 2008

My fight with Fellowes Shredder Company

Hey all:

Sort of a boring post, but I am excited that I accomplished this. My mom had a shredder, and it was a great shredder and she used it a lot. LOL. Anyway, she had it for years until she finally killed the motor. She called the company and they told her that for a mere 30 dollars they could give her a brand new shredder of comparable value because they didn't make the motor for the one that broke. The one they gave her was crap and didn't even shred 2 pieces of paper without jamming (even though it was "jam proof" and was supposed to do 6 sheets at a time). I called them and made them send her a new one, thinking maybe just that one might be broken. They sent us another one (same model) for free (go me) and it was just as crappy. It jammed and wouldn't go after just 15 pages of shredding. I called them back the next day and basically yelled at 3 different people until the lady talked to her supervisor and came back saying that her supervisor had to talk to his supervisor to ask about getting a better one. I made them, after a while and a few calls, send me the one my other boss has (which is awesome) for free and give me a 90 day warranty on it.

Here is the one that they said was comprable but was crap:

Here is the one that my other boss had that is actually a good one:

Quite an improvement, if I must say so myself... I am proud :) YAY ME!

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Dena said...

again, don't mess with the HEATHER! dang, this is the kind of stuff i have to do for jay, i don't like it though. i'm callin you next time!