Tuesday, August 5, 2008

UPS is being stupid

UPS really doesn't have their act together. First of all, my boss Carl ordered 6 packages and they tried to deliver them 3 times to the office-unsuccessful because he was out of state. I went to the office on Tuesday and saw the notices and called them. First I got them changed to his accountant's office so he could get them but then she said she wasn't going to be home so I had them rerouted them to my personal address by calling a second time. Both times they would assure me that they would take care of it so I assumed they would. But, I was wrong. They ended up delivering 1 package to the accountants house and said 5 got signed for at carl's office even though he wasn't there. LAME! Worst was when I called to ask why the packages got screwed up they said 5 packages were successfully delivered to my house (Which none came to it) and 1 was delivered to the accountant's house. Then today Carl (my boss) called and left a message with Nick saying UPS delievered a package to his office. When I went to pick it up it was our Wii that we sent out for repair. I have NO IDEA how they got Nick's name to go to the office of my boss or his address connected to Nick for that matter. Before you say it is because I called about Carl's stuff that doesn't make sense because I called, not Nick and I and I never told them to send ANYTHING, Carl's or ours to that address. I am going to write a letter and complain because that is unacceptable that first of all they said they delieved and they didn't and they didn't deliver to even the right spots when they got delievered. Plus, randomly getting a package delivered at a bosses office when it should have come here.... UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!



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Dena said...

okay, i'm starting to learn....DON'T MESS WITH THE HEATHER! :o) you go girl!