Sunday, April 6, 2008

Some people are so stupid

So Nicholas took me to the Oceanside Pier to enjoy the ocean. He then took me to dinner at Ruby's at the end of the pier for our six month anniversary (Boy has time flown!!!) The food was great, and here are some pictures:

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was the fact that some people just don't know how to drive. There was a crosswalk and a stopsign for the cars. A man was crossing on the pier side and we were crossing over to the pier side. We both started walking across, and a car that was approaching the stop sign decided not to stop and kept driving until half way through the crosswalk. At this point, she HAD to stop because of the man walking across (who had started walking BEFORE she even got to the stop sign she was supposed to stop at.). At this point she rolls down her window and says to the man, Nick, and me, "Doesn't anyone know how to walk these days? People need to watch wheir their walking!" She looked so upset! I (like most times) spoke exactly what was on my mind and just shouted back to her as she drove off, "PEDESTRIANS ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY... THIS IS A CROSSWALK!!!!!"

Hahahaha! I can't believe how stupid this lady was. She was yelling at us for crossing at the crosswalk after she blew through a stop sign and didn't give us the right of way that was legally entitled to us. DUH. Talk about not only being stupid and inconsiderate, but breaking laws as well.


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