Sunday, April 6, 2008

really random dinner experience

What a wild night in the kitchen. Never before have I run out of burners in the oven while cooking dinner.

One pan had an olive oil/garlic sauce, another speghetti, another chicken, another with sauteed mushrooms, and one more with steaming carrots.

I was trying to replicate a Sam the Cooking Guy recipe, but sort of mixed up 2 recipes together and combined them. It was sort of funny though, because the end result turned out really good... and Nick wanted me to write down the recipe. :P

1. Speghetti-boil regular speghetti noodles as directed on package

2. sauce was merely a half cup olive oil with some garlic that you add when the oil is not too hot (don't want to burn it!- I did!).

3. Cook chicken with cajan seasoning or hot shot as a coating and chop into cubes. Add to the pasta/sauce

4. In a separate pan chop mushrooms into slices and put in a pan with a couple splashes of Worschestier sauce. Let it marinate in it and cook down... absorbing the W. sauce.

5. Eat the mushrooms on the side or mix into the pasta/chicken goodness. Carrots are your veggie. :)

It isn't the prettiest thing in the world, but it tasted dang good!



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