Thursday, February 16, 2012

Belated 16 mo post

Brodie is 16 and a half months old. Here is him on his 16 month day:

Brodie has been busy busy busy this past month. He got his first hair cut with Daddy and Poppy at the barber shop. :)

He tried peanut butter for the first time and LOVED it! He now eats peanut butter on toast, in pb&js, and plain.

We have been staying busy doing tons of play dates with friends. This included friends houses, friends coming over here, going to the park, etc. We also went to visit grandpa at his work!

And this last thing started after 16 months but it's very note worthy I think. The last week or so Brodie has been going through a language explosion! (REMINDER OF WHAT HE DID AT 15 MONTHS FOR ME:  He signs hi, please, thank you, more, eat, and apple. He is singing or babbling constantly and says mama, daddy, bye, hi, please, kitty, doggy, baby, and apple. Maybe more, I just can't think of them all. )  Before he turned 16 months he added saying, "no no no" while shaking his head no. But, in this past week he has learned how to say AND sign:


and now he also says:

-that/that please
-"ooh" like an exclamation or inquisitive saying
-he "counts" and says letters (unintelligable ones but he "counts" before we jump off the changing table and trys saying the letters on the page of his Chica Chica ABC book)
-He "sings" Little Bunny Foo Foo, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Patty Cake (he goes "ooooll iii, paaaa iiii, bbbbbb, yay! for "roll it, pat it, mark it with a b, put it in the oven for Brodie and me")
-barks like a dog/meows like a cat/makes monkey noises/tweets like a bird

 He is trying to say and do even more I just don't understand some of it. He is trying to say something today that sounds like duck or drink and could be either. He just got some rubber duckies from Nana on monday and they are his new favorite. But, he is also signing eat while saying it sometimes and that makes me think he's saying drink. Not sure but I'm sure we'll figure it out soon enough. It's awesome being able to have conversations with him and know that he understands so much more than he can tell me. It's just bursting getting ready to come out. :)

Til next month! :O)

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