Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another uneventful OB check up- 27w4d

It's been a month since I last saw the OB and not much has happened. Zoey is a freaking ninja and moves a TON! I swear she never stopped yesterday and I felt like my insides were a punching bag. I've had the flu/a cough since my last appointment. I swear I always am "sick" in some way this pregnancy...probably because of play dates and having my 16 month old son passing germs around with other kiddos. :)

I feel fine besides a cough right now, and besides the normal aches and pains of pregnancy nothing much to complain about. I'm getting pretty dang excited to meet my little girl. This week marked the beginning of the 3rd trimester, which seems CRAZY! Finally in the home stretch.

My appointment today was uneventful- I gained 4lbs (up 15lbs total), had good blood pressure, and no swelling. I FINALLY got to hear Zoey's heartbeat on the doppler (she's been stubborn up til now) and it sounded perfect and amazing. It was measuring around 120ish. He felt my uterus but didn't comment on the size; I'm assuming I'm still measuring a few weeks ahead. I got my glucose results and passed. WOOT no gestational diabetes again! :) The doc asked if I had any other questions, I said no, and he sent me on my merry way for 3 more weeks. :)

Yay for healthy baby!


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