Friday, October 9, 2009

How do people do it?

Seriously, I don't know how people find the time or come up with the amount of posts that they do on their blogs.  I googled "blogging topics" today and got a ton of ideas to inspire creativity though so maybe that's how they do it. :o)  Even looking at those I was not inspired.  I did find 2 neat websites which give you a picture or a phrase each day to prompt creativity and think I will use that.

Today's prompt is "Did you have a favorite TV or radio program as a child? Tell about it."

The first shows that pop into my mind are Rugrats and Doug.  Literally every single night my sisters and i would lay on our stomachs on the carpet in front of the television and watch these two shows back to back.  We would laugh and laugh and laugh.  Thinking back on them now, they weren't that good of shows.  I mean, come on.... talking babies going on adventures?  Or, normal boy who wears underwear outside his pants and a belt on his head to become Quailman!?  Not to mention Skeeter, Doug's best friend who was blue!  I still remember a song from Doug and it gets stuck in my head every once in a while...SOOO annoying lol.

It goes something like "Banging on a trashcan, strumming on a little voice is calling me calling me, one little voice is calling me!"

Here is the video for all of you so you can get it stuck in your head too! lol


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