Sunday, January 15, 2012

A few miscellaneous things (23 weeks pregnant)

A few things floating around in my head I thought I'd get down in writing:

-Nick and I have decided we are NOT going to have a baby shower this time around. I know, I know people are all gung ho on them and think it's crazy we aren't having one but hear me out. I feel selfish having another baby shower when my baby who is here is only 15 months old (plus I've heard you are really only supposed to have a shower for your first child).  It feels wasteful to have a shower when all of Brodie's stuff was already gender neutral since we didn't find out the sex last time. I don't really need much of anything for Zoey, partly because of my previous point and partly because we've already been so blessed by hand-me-downs from various friends and family. Seriously my list of stuff to buy is 4 items long. I need cloth diapers for Zoey, another changing table pad for the top of the dresser (since Brodie has ripped his up), a double stroller (which we will get used via Craigslist because it's pointless to spend hundreds on one), and a few of those Soothie pacifiers. So yeah, no baby shower this time. To appease people's desire for some sort of party, my great friend Rose is going to throw a small, no presents, "Come meet Baby" tea after Zoey is here for immediate family and my bible study girls.

-I'm 23 weeks pregnant today, I feel like time is going SO slow and yet speeding by at the same time. Is that normal??? Only 17ish weeks until I have an infant again, but that 17 weeks seems like eternity when 3 friends have had a baby since December 24th.

-Zoey is kicking and moving a ton. I swear Brodie didn't move around this much or kick me in so many places in such a short amount of time. This probably has something to do with Brodie having a short umbilical cord but still.

-What if the 4D place was wrong reading the sex? I have an OB appointment Thursday and he doesn't know I went to find out the sex so he is going to try and find it via ultrasound on that day. If he says girl as well I will feel much more confident in thinking we are having a girl. :)

-Nick and I both like the thought of doing owls as a "theme" for Zoey's part of the room. Nick even bought her a onesie yesterday (first thing we've bought for her) with cute little owls on it. :)

I think that's it. It feels good to get that down on paper.


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