Friday, December 16, 2011

Belated 14 month post!

Urg this last month went so fast. Brodie turned 14 months old on the 2nd. I'm trying to look back and see what happened since it seems like such a blur. I didn't take very many pictures and I think it's simply because I was chasing after my now incredibly mobile child.
Brodie went from not walking to walking between his 13mo-14mo days. He started walking his first independent steps on Nov 6th and he is literally running around now. I have to run after him many many times a day and he would rather walk than crawl (I'd say he only crawls 5% of the time now if that). It's amazing how fast of a change it was. He can even get up in the middle of the room by himself now so there is NOTHING stopping him from going.

Another HUGE change that happened this last month is the end of breastfeeding. It was a bittersweet transition but now I'm very happy with how much of a big boy he is. His last time nursing was November 20th, in the morning. So, we made it 13months, 2 weeks, and 4 days of nursing without any formula. :) He just never asked for the boob again and instead went straight to 2 full sippy cups a day of a milk type thing. We started out with rice milk because he wouldn't take soy or regular milk. Then, he went to soy effortlessly one day for no reason and from there we kept adding milk to the soy until he was on full milk. I feel like he's officially not a baby anymore and so independent because he doesn't need me for my milk or to help transport him around anymore. He can walk around the house with his sippy cup and go wherever he likes whenever he likes.

He climbs a lot more now...see picture below.

He also is talking more and communicating with us more effectively. He says "apple" (with his version of the sign). He says "please" constantly while signing it and "more" a million times a day while signing as well. He understands sooo much. I can tell him to go get me something and he can get it. I can say we are going to change his diaper or go eat or go to grandma's and he gets excited and follows me to where he should go. It's awesome to be able to have more of a dialogue with him and not just have screaming and crying for everything.

Lastly, we got family pictures taken by the amazing Heather Winters at the end of November and I LOVE them. Here are my 2 favorites :)

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