Friday, February 4, 2011

Lactation Consultant Advice (4m2days)

OK, I called and left a message for my pediatrician saying I am not comfortable starting solids at this time (I want to wait until 6 months) and to see if I could get a reflux medication for him and see if that helps us with his spit up.

I also called the lactation consultant that is in Ramona and told her what was going on. She gave me 3 things to do:

-eliminate ALL dairy in my diet for a week to see if he spits up less (because Nick is lactose intolerant he may be as well)
-while nursing compress my breast to make him get more milk/suck/swallow more since I told her I don't hear him swallowing the entire time he is nursing
-after he is done nursing, pump on the same side he just nursed to get out any extra hindmilk he hasn't sucked out and feed it to him via a bottle immediately to help him get more "Fatty good stuff"

She also said because he doesn't have frequent bowel movements doing these things may help with that as well and if we start seeing them increase in frequency to once every other day or so we know we are on the right track. In a week she wants me to call back and let her know how it's going and if we are still getting lots of spit up then she said maybe just maybe we would talk about solids (I didn't tell her about the asking for a reflux med yet).

I looked up the WHO growth charts and unfortunately they don't bump him up percentage-wise in weight. I plotted each of his lengths/weights and the percentiles have gone down each time:

Birth 8lb2oz (75%) 21in (95%)

3 weeks 8lb10oz (35%) 22in (85%)

6 weeks 9lb12oz (18%)

2 months 10lb10oz (15%) 23.75in (80%)

4 months 11lb13oz (less than 2%)>

I'll keep you updated on how the new suggestions from the LC go, no dairy is going to be interesting for me but if it fixes his spit up than I'm good with it!


Z-Mama said...

Hi Heather. It seems I have no way to contact you on facebook anymore...can you please send me your email address so I can work on setting up dinners for the Frausel's when Baby Whitney comes? Thank you, Zandra

Send me a message on FB or email me at zbrown at cox . net

heidi said...

hey heather!

glad you're following your mommy instinct and working on your milk supply before starting him on solids (wow, 4 mos sounds SO early to me!!) i'm wondering how it is all going?

also re. your previous post about schedules, both of my boys at 4 months were doing 3 naps per day, one mid morning one of 1.5 hours, one mid afternoon one of 1.5 hours and an early evening one of 45 min. just to tide them over to bedtime. you may have that already figured out, but i thought i'd let you know what worked well for us in case you wanted to try that. every baby is different and hopefully you'll find his rhythm and sleepy times easily!

you are such a great mom :)

inquisitivesensitive said...

Thanks for the advice Heidi! :) I asked the ped. about schedules and she said at 6 months it should be easier to establish one with him so I'm just going with the flow til then (Still have a bedtime for him though).

As for the feeding, we are doing baby oatmeal 1x a day in his bottle of breastmilk when it's convenient/we remember (haven't the last 3 days). That way he isn't losing any nutrition from not breastfeeding as often, just getting added calories/thickness to 1 feeding of food a day :)

I appreciate all your helpful advice~