Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nano's Check up (25w5d)

I just got back from my OB appointment and everything is going well.

I had to wait about 25 minutes past my appointment time until I was called because an 11 day old baby boy was getting circumcised in the back by my doc/the nurse. I had NO CLUE that my OB did circumcisions and that fact was really cool to me. I told him that if we have a boy we want him circumcised but we actually want to wait until he is 8 days old. He was fine with that and just told us to make an appointment with the office and he would do it for us. I don't have anyone else I'd want to have do it on my child if we do have a boy so I'm excited that he was willing to do it.

Annnnyway...back to my appointment. I gained 5 pounds in the 3 weeks and 2 days between my last appointment and today. That puts me at +6 pounds for this pregnancy. Not bad for almost 6.5 months pregnant, but it surprised me a bit. Both the doctor and the nurse are happy with my weight gain and said that every pregnancy is different, and that some women don't gain at the beginning but rather at the end.

Today was the 2nd time that the nurse only had to take my blood pressure one time to get a good reading. And, although I didn't ask the exact numbers, the doctor said my blood pressure was great, even better than last appointment's. I'm so happy that I DON'T have diabetes and that I DO have good blood pressure. Less stress/potential for problems with baby that way.

The baby's heartbeat was strong. I didn't get to hear it because (much to my delight) my OB decided to use the fetoscope instead of the doppler. Less ultrasound waves to the baby=better for baby and me. My Bradley instructor suggested that we have the doc use the fetoscope instead of the doppler and I was going to ask him about, yet he just did it without me having to ask. Very cool.

The fundal measurement was big...yet again. I measured 29cm and should be about 25/26 centimeters (because I am 25 almost 26 weeks preggo). I asked him if that was ok and he said yes, that it's not an exact measurement but that he wanted to double check and make sure at my next appointment. He told me that doing another ultrasound at my next appointment (in just 2 weeks because I'm diving into in the 3rd trimester soon) would help see the baby's size and more accurately decipher the weight/height/measurements. So, July 8th I'll be getting to see Nano again... I'm SO excited for that! :)

That was the extent of my appointment, and I left quite happy :)

Also, we got word from some friends of ours (the wife is a nurse) that my OB is one of the favorite OB's at the hospital we are delivering at. Apparently that is a GREAT sign if your doctor is well known and one of the "favorites." That reassured me even more that we had a great doctor! :)

Ok enough for now... gotta pack for Hawaii! :)



ⒿⒶⓃⓔⓉ said...

i am so happy that your pregnancy is going so well and that you have an awesome dr. that helps easy this process. sounds like you are enjoying the bradley classes too.

love you

Z-Mama said...

Awesome update! Baby nano is doing so well!!!

Just a little word of advice, take it or leave it: Find out what technique your OB uses for circumcisions. I recommend avoiding the Plasti-Bell. My nephew had complications and had to be re-circumcised at 9 months old and was put all the way under. The surgeons at Children's told them that they have more surgeries resulting from complications of the Plasti-Bell than from any other technique, and they would recommend using just cut and gauze. Have you picked out a Pediatrician? They also do circumcisions and you can do your newborn check with the same visit since you will need to do that anyways :) That's what I ended up doing, and we had no problems and it healed very quickly. This was the only reason I stressed out about having a boy!