Monday, June 7, 2010

Life is good! (23w2d)

Life has been busy busy but oh soooo good! I had an appointment last tuesday (so 22w3d) and Nano is still lookin great. I FINALLY gained weight, which I'm not happy about but knew would happen eventually. I gained 3 pounds, putting me currently at 1 pound above pre-pregnancy weight. From now on I will just be saying "I've gained ___ pounds" since I'm in the positive. Nano's heart-rate was 150, which is perfectly normal and for ONCE my blood pressure was great the first time they did it (usually they have to do it 2x).

At 22w5d Nick felt Nano move for the first time! That was an exciting experience for the both of us and now I really feel like we can connect even more because both of us can feel our child. Yesterday (23w1d) Nick felt Nano move again. We were at Mi Ranchito and sharing a chocolate milkshake and Nano was going nuts! I put Nick's hand on my lower stomach and Nano gave him a nice strong kick, which he announced to me by saying, "I felt THAT...did Nano kick me?" I nodded and smiled.

The house is coming along great but we have so so so much more to do. We have the baby room, our room, and the living room painted. The colors turned out better than I thought they would. We bought the cabinets last weekend for the kitchen and are working on doing some patching and more painting before we get flooring and redo the kitchen for good. Hopefully we will be in the new house in July sometime (maybe for my birthday?) and can spend the rest of the summer trying to stay cool and hanging out with friends. Our main goal is to get the inside livable, move in, and then work on the outside slowly as we have the time/money for it. The whole outdoors needs a repainting, some siding needs to be done, and we need a new roof. Not to mention cutting back the gynormous pepper tree, making the backyard party friendly, putting grass (fake or real....not sure yet) in the front yard, redoing the gate, fixing the carport area, and planting some stuff in my garden area. It is going to be a work in progress for a while, but we are so blessed and excited to be moving there.

In other news, my grandparents from Kentucky who I ADORE got into town yesterday and I am planning on spending lots of time with them catching up and hanging out. We are all going to Barona Buffet tonight and I am going to chow down on delicious grub....nuff said. I might go over to the house today to start emptying and reorganizing the crud in the 2nd shed since we have a dumpster and I want to make good use of it. Maybe I can convince my sister to help????

Ok, it's now time to get back to general clean-up around this house. I have laundry to do and desperately need a shower! :P

Til next time,

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