Thursday, May 13, 2010


The last week and a half, almost 2 weeks I have been really emotional. I am chalking it up to stress from the end of school, being pregnant, family issues, and a big decision that is STILL hanging in the air. I just want everything to be done and resolved. Luckily, school is done next friday (the 21st) and I can count the amount of assignments I have left on one hand! WOOT! The family issues are resolved (thank you Lord) and we are celebrating our Mother's Day with our families this Sunday. Being pregnant...well...I'm half way done on Saturday (and will post the 1/2way mark picture). I get the "big" ultrasound next Thursday afternoon which measures the baby and his/her organs, bones, etc. Usually you find out the sex at this one but we already had them put a note on the account that says we don't want to know. Lastly, that big decision, hopefully next week it will be decided and we can move on from there. So, I guess my "emotional" causes will be eliminated completely in the near future. Pray for my husband that I don't drive him ABSOLUTELY NUTS. Now, I need to stop procrastinating and get ready for work. Good thing I have an understanding boss who is extremely flexible with my hours. :)

Back to my oatmeal and then a shower!

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