Thursday, May 27, 2010

Belated 20wk ultrasound post (21w5d)

A week ago I went for my 20 week ultrasound. I was actually 20w5d the day we went and had my hubby and mom join me in the room since they had the ultrasound hooked up to a TV for easier viewing. The appointment was way down in San Diego and when we got there we had to wait about half hour to be called back. Let's just say by the time we got in the room for the ultrasound I had to pee! :O)

When the tech came in he introduced himself and seemed really nice. For some reason though, when he started the ultrasound he became all business and barely talked at all. He would just say, "This is baby's head, this is baby's arm, this is baby's leg..."

It was a bummer because I was hoping for a very interactive experience where we saw great pictures of baby and got a few good keepsakes. He just printed pictures randomly (6 total) and I couldn't even tell what 4 of them were because he didn't label them and they were extremely blurry. The receptionist said the appointment would be 30 minutes up to an hour, yet the ultrasound lasted only 10 minutes. When the real doctor came in to see me he said that everything looked structurally fine with baby, and that I was measuring a week ahead (tho still in normal range and not enough to change my due date). That reassured me at least.

We had the tech record the session on VHS for us and took that with us when we left. They want me to come back in a month because they didn't see EVERYTHING they wanted to, but I'm not going to. They said they would call me the next day to make another appointment but never did....another fail on their part.

Anyway, I went home and watched the video a few times and was able to (with instructions from my hubby) convert the video to DVD and then capture stills from the video to get "better" pictures. I'm happier with these ones, and will take em. I'm going to mention to my OB on Tuesday (my next check up appt) that I was dissatisfied with my experience and maybe he will feel sorry for me and give me a pity ultrasound. If not oh well, I get to see my baby in less than 20 weeks!

For all those who wondered if baby would flash us, s/he didn't as far as I know. I suck at reading ultrasounds and that was to my advantage since I had to go through the who video to get the pictures. Not showing the video to anyone else in case they see because we want Nano's gender to be a surprise. It still is!

I will be posting 2 more posts today about other shenanigans in my life but for now, here are some pictures from the appointment:

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zeroentropy said...

yay Nano! Kinda sad that you pulled better pics than the tech. Glad you have a savvy hubby. So excited for you guys!