Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Posting First Belly Pic (17w4d)


I figured since I posted a picture on Facebook I should post it here as well.  I took this picture at 17w3d (so yesterday) and finally feel like I am getting a baby bump! :o) That is encouraging to me! 

I am definitely feeling baby move.  I feel flutters when I am sitting on the couch and sometimes popcorn pops if Nano is really getting fiesty!  On Monday night I even felt flutters 2 times when I was up in front of the class presenting activities! Boy was that weird.  I don't know if I will ever get used to feeling a little body moving inside of me. :o)

My OB appointment that was scheduled for tomorrow got rescheduled to Tuesday morning.  Its ok tho, cause that means when I got for my NEXT appointment (when I am about 22.5 weeks)  baby will be bigger and easier to see on the ultrasound.

Nick and I have been blessed the past 2 days with some baby gear!  Yesterday, we picked up our crib, which the mom  of one of our Sunday school children generously gave us.  IT IS GORGEOUS! The style is sleigh style convertible crib, which means it goes from a bassinet height, to a normal crib height, to a toddler bed, to a day bed, to a full sized bed.  Basically Nano has his/her bed for their whole life now! :)  Also, today one of the ladies who works at the shop of one of my mom's clients just gave me 3 items just because!  She gave me a mobile for the crib which she only used for 2 months (with fishies and a projector that puts a starry sky on the ceiling).  She also gave me an Eddie Bauer infant travel bed that she used 1 time and a diaper/wipe/cream plastic holder for a changing table.  We are so blessed already!

Nick told me last night that he is pretty sure we are having a girl.  This is a big deal because before yesterday Nick had no idea or inkling of what we might be having.  Then, last night while we were laying in bed he said, "I think we are going to have a little girl...I decided today." :o) It's cool that he is getting into the baby guessing game and is so involved in this process.  I love my husband.

Lastly,  I confirmed the dates for our Bradley Childbirth Classes today!  It was supposed to start in July but the instructor had some family events to go to and since no one had signed up for her April session and we were the only ones signed up for the July session she called me asking if we could make a custom schedule that worked for both of us that involved the first 10 Sundays that were available. So, we made a custom date list and basically are starting near the end of may (right after school is done) and will finish mid September.  There are 10 classes, 2.5 hours each.  It's just going to be us and the instructors as far as we both know right AWESOME is that!?  We get 1 on 1 instruction for the "group of 6 couples" rate and will really get to know our stuff! I'm so stoked. :)  Plus, the Bradley method has over a 90% success rate for a natural childbirth for those people who go through the course with that method in mind! That is so encouraging to me since I want this (or as close to possible) for my birth.

Okie dokey, back to the giant to-do list of homework that must be completed before May 21st.  I can do it.... only 23 more days til I graduate! :)



Jessica Van Allen said...

I'm so tempted to call your baby 'popcorn' until it's born. :) I'm super excited for you and Nick.

Joanna and Baby Johnson said...

So are you and Nick going to find out what you are having???? Josh and I are, I wish I could find out now. I think it's too hard not knowing.

inquisitivesensitive said...

Hey joanna. Actually nick and I r waiting til birth to find out....I know it seems weird but we think its a cool surpise to look forwarrd to ;)

Joanna and Baby Johnson said...

You are a more patient person then I. I think the idea of finding out when the baby is really cool, I just don't have the patience to wait.