Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Uneventful Update (11w3d)

Since I wrote last, nothing too exciting has been going on in terms of pregnancy.  I am still tired, but naps help immensely.  Baby is now the size of a large lime and today his/her intestines are developing and the bladder sac is now formed.  Isn't that amazing???

My next appointment is April 1st (April fool's day) and is just a check-up to make sure everything is ok with baby.  I look forward to it because I can't feel the baby yet and have no way of knowing how Nanobyte is doing.  I can't wait til that appointment because it marks almost the end of my first trimester (the scariest one in terms of miscarriage).

I am going to be very happy when it is May 17th, since school will be over. I had my midterm for student teaching yesterday and think it went pretty well. :o) I will find out my "grade" on March 29th. I am blessed to have a flexible job with my mom, where I can come in later/on a different day if needed.  Today I decided to stay home instead of go to work (switching to wed/thurs this week) so I could rest a bit from midterm and get some paperwork that is required done.  Hopefully I will be productive!  Oh, and I need to do laundry today, since I have absolutely nothing to wear for going out of the house.  Hehe, comfy clothes are amazing!

Oooh something exciting is that I get a new phone in 9 days!  My phone has been doing some weird things lately.  It will randomly turn off, won't ring, and now says I have a text message even though I don't! :-) It's enough to drive me crazy.  I'm debating between getting the Pantech Impact and the Motorola Backflip.  The Backflip is wayyy more techy, and has internet (required) almost like the iPhone.  The pantech is a simpler phone and internet is 20 bucks cheaper a month.  I don't know what to get...Nick wants me to get the Backflip because he thinks I'll like the internet on it but it may be too fancy for me. :P

I will keep updating!  I am determined this time! :o) 

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