Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Phone/Provider

So, Nick has been bugging me for the past couple months, wanting to get the iphone. I have been pretty firm saying no, trying to stick to a budget, etc... but I couldn't handle it anymore. It was causing conflict in the relationship.

So, today I broke down and we went to ATT and got set up on their plan. We came out with a new contract and yes, an Iphone for Nicholas, as well as a regular phone for me. (MY PHONE IS PICTURED ABOVE)

Here are the pros:

-cheaper bill overall
-unlimited texting to ANYONE
-free calling to ATT people (which is my whole family)
-unlimited pic messaging, and i think im messages too
-didn't have to pay activation fee
-get a 15% discount on every bill (base bill, without messaging or iphone) just cause I go to palomar
-can upgrade/downgrade minutes at any time without affecting service
-Good customer service
-Nick will stop bothering me about the iphone and I can sleep in peace without feeling like a crappy wife

Here are the cons:
-only 700 minutes a month to non ATT (half what we used to have)
-most the people I talk to are Verizon
-Verizon people are not going to want to call or text me cause they will have to pay for it out of their minutes/texts now, so I am going to be a loner
-i can't picture message nick, because the iphone is stupid and doesnt know how to do pic/video texts yet (how retarded is that)
-my phone is gonna take some getting used to
-Nick is never going to talk to me anymore, he is going to be too obsessed with his new phone and how it can go on the internet... i basically just signed my husband away

Thats all I have to say now about it... we have 30 days to test it out and see if we like it. Nick's not giving up the iphone so we have to like it hehehe. I will post if anything else interesting comes up.


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