Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What ended up happening

This is what went down for our New Year's Eve celebration. Nick worked until 5:45 and by the time he was wrapping up everything I had started our yummy dinner of Hamburger Tacos. After stuffing a couple tacos down our mouth, I cleaned up the mess and went and sat on the couch with my lover.

At this point the festivities began. We had a Lego Star wars tournament and got quiet far being a team of plastic people alone in the universe. After we grew bored of that, we decided to flip through TV to see what was on.... and NOTHING was. Seriously, you would think that on New Year's Eve there would be a lot of movies and entertaining shows for people to watch, but there wasn't. So, we settled on watching the only decent show on... Intervention. It made us both cry, and at that point we decided to get happy and eat ice cream. We also turned to a previously recorded New Year's Eve celebration news report. Nick made us a couple of drinks (Yum yum coke and rum, and a variation of a colorado bulldog). We toasted to the new year and kissed for the first time in the new year. We then decided to retire and watch fireworks erupt. :) Quite an entertaining night... so much fun!

Ta ta for now!

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