Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A new family has arrived in our condo complex!

So, Nicholas and I went and got celebratory Coldstone ice cream on Monday night (for our fire claim report blessing) and upon our return noticed something. We saw a little head pop out from behind the dumpster. We thought it was a cat so we called it, and it turned out to be a raccoon! Nicholas freaked out because he thought it was going to attack me (isn't he sweet) but i wasn't scared.

So, we call our friend Michael to come see it, because it was reeking havoc and trying to break into the laundry room (see picture below!)

When he got down to where we were he couldn't believe it. The raccoon at this point was trying to climb the archway to get to the upstairs complexes. It was at this point that Michael's wife Natalie saw another one sitting on the upstairs neighbors porch like a giant cat. Everyone was too scared to go knock on the lady's door to tell her she had a raccoon, everyone except for me that is! :) We kept hearing scratching but we didn't see any raccoons on the outside and Michael joked that there were babies. I didn't believe him. So, after about 5 minutes I went up there to see what was going on and warn the lady of her raccoon friend and guess what!!!! There was a whole family!!! Michael was right! :) There were 3 babies (see one the family below) and the mom up there. At this point the lady came to the door and was like "oh that's what that sound was."
At this point, there were about 1/2 of the families of the complex out and looking at our new friends. Nicholas and Carlos' wife went and scared the raccoons and they ran out the far end of the complex. I wonder if these guys are responsible for some of the trash mess??? Anyway, you don't expect to see these guys in the middle of town, so I thought it would be interesting to share with you all!


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